Only 15 more days

We are working on getting the park cleaned up. Last weekend Ron, Darrell, Clayton, Aaron, Jeremy, Aiden & Andrew all trimmed trees, picked up limbs and sticks. The last several days Ron, Darrell, Levi & Clayton have been getting the hay off the grounds. Aaron & Jeremy have been busy weed eating the whole park. Yvonne & Audra have been trying to keep everything else mowed. Grandma Roice, Yvonne, Winifred, Audra, & Ashley have been working on cleaning up the buildings.

We will be opening the park for camping and drop-offs on Wednesday, May 24th. If you have any questions for camping or drop-offs please feel free to call Yvonne @ 573-470-1870 or Ashley @ 573-470-2204.

You may scan the QR Code below if you would like to download the schedule to your smart device. I will also make a link for a PDF printable schedule.

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