Down to 16 more Days

We are down to 16 more days until the show begins. We are working hard to get everything ready. We are working on getting the water turned on, bathrooms opened up, buildings stained and certainly not least getting the hay put up so we can get the park all mowed and trimmed. We will be opening up the park on Monday, May 23rd. When you come to the park, if there is no one at the gate when you are dropping your camper off, please be sure to pick up a camper card on our gate building. Please complete the card with your camper’s information along with anyone who may be staying with you. After you complete the card, please drop it off in our drop box at the gate. If you have any questions please feel free to call Yvonne at 573.470.1870 or Ashley at 573.470.2204. Please visit our Festival page to print or view our schedule or flyer. Both will be on the bottom of the page.

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