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UPDATE: May 18, 2021

Don't forget to make your reservations if you plan on camping. Check out our new Events link above on the left side of our Back Forty Logo. You can view or print a flyer for the Missouri River Band Concert that we will have on May 29, 2021. You may call Ashley (573) 470-2204 or Yvonne (573) 470-1870 to make your reservations or if you have additional questions.

Posted: April 26, 2021

As you know we opened up the campground over Memorial Day Weekend for camping and jamming again this year. We absolutely hated to postpone the 2021 shows again, so Darrell has decided that Missouri River Band will put on a live show. Back Forty Bluegrass Festival will have a live concert Saturday, May 29th, at 7 pm featuring Missouri River Band and a special guest or two. There will be no charge at the gate for the show, but donations for the band will be appreciated. If you are ready to hear some live bluegrass music out in the fresh air, this will be a small opportunity to get out and enjoy what we all have been missing. We would love to see everyone and visit again. Masks will NOT be required but we definitely want everyone safe and healthy, so if you feel the need to wear a mask please do so. We are excited to host even a small event just to keep bluegrass in the air here at Back Forty Bluegrass Park.

Posted: April 9, 2021

We do ask that you will let us know if and when you will be arriving. Please call or text Ashley (573)470-2204 or Yvonne (573)470-1870 to let us know. We will open the campground Monday, May 24th. Can't wait to see everyone!

Back Forty Friends & Family,

As you already know we decided to postpone our 2021 June Festival, due to the still lingering effects of COVID-19. The decision to postpone was made from the continued hesitation by lots of people that we have spoken to that attend our shows. With the vaccines starting to roll out and people becoming more comfortable witht idea of large gatherings, we feel that we can ease back into having some events at the campground.

We would like for everyone to plan to be with us over Memorial Day Weekend for some jamming, fellowship, and the possibility of a small stage performance or two. We also plan to have a small 2-day event over the Labor Day Weekend as well so we can test the waters for next year.

We will be announcing the new lineup for the June 2022 Festival soon as well.

Thank you to everyone who has offered kind words of encouragement and understanding through this time of making some hard decisions. We want to be wise in our decisions, keep everyone safe but at the same time we really are anxious to get some music back on our stage!!

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for updates.





Please do NOT bring your pet to the festival. We do not allow pets in the concert or concession area. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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